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Economic model of the Iratí Natural Park and it’s surrounding area of influence

Client The Regional Council of the Valley of Aezkoa and the Valley of Salazar (Autonomous Region of Navarra)
Objetive Calculate the possible economic benefits that exist in the nature Reserve of the Iratí Forest and its area of influence.
Proposal In collaboration with the Regional Councils we proposed to develop an economic model to calculate the possible economic benefits that the Iratí Park brings to the area.
Action After identifying the main economic sectors - which in this project included, tourism, livestock farming and hunting - we developed the following methodology: the first phase involved interviewing and collating local information, followed by the sourcing and selecting specific statistics held by the Autonomous Government of Navarra. We constructed a complex model which analysed data and also provided diverse theoretical models.
Results The economic models, which we presented, formed the basis of a series of local public meetings related to the development of the region, as well as providing the Authorities with a reliable model for future decisions concerning the medium and long term strategies of the region.
Conclusion Our models demonstrated quantifiable and reliable economic data of the benefits created by Natural Parks and Protected Areas, as well as providing the Authorities with the tools for developing strategies and perhaps, most important of all, securing Central and European Government grants.