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Organic Farming: part of the farming future

Client Banco Central Hispano (now Banco Santander)
Objetive Promote organic farming amongst their rural clients so that the Bank could be seen to care for their client base by informing them of a new development in the sector.
Proposal Working with the Bank’s Department of Rural Services and the Environment, we proposed a series of local presentations, in collaboration with the Organic Certifying Agencies, supported by specially produced materials.
Actions A pamphlet was written and designed which explained the basic concepts of organic farming. The material was adapted so that a special version could be used in each of the 4 target areas where the campaign was being promoted: the Autonomous Regions of Andalucía, Navarra, La Rioja y Aragón. The pamphlets were mailed to all the Bank’s clients in the target area with an invitation and a letter, inviting them to a presentation consisting of a general introduction to Organic Farming and offering testimonials from other farmers who had converted to organic farming.
Results The campaign was very well received and all the presentations surpassed expectations with over 100 attendees at each of the 4 events.
Conclusion The Bank achieved it’s objectives as well as creating good will amongst it’s client base and other interested parties, such as the local Certifying Committees, local media and potential clients. The Bank was also able to associate itself with a new form of farming that is respectful of the environment.