Helping to resolve today’s environmental challenges

Promoting sustainable mobility

The problems derived from mobility in our urban areas represent one of the greatest threats to the environment in today’s society. In the surveys conducted amongst urban dwellers the following concerns are consistently being voiced; pollution, noise, waste of resources, land degradation, etc.

Public administrations are now heavily involved in promoting sustainable mobility. It has meant a radical change in the design of urban models, transport systems and in the habits of the users. This new focus has resulted in administrations seeking expert advice and collaboration.

Since the last decade, Iniciativas Ambientales has created a team of professionals that have helped administrations face these challenges, in particular those associated with the bicycle and public transport. Projects tend to include the following; detailed analysis at the beginning of a project, designing mobility plans, constructing cycle and pedestrian networks, developing communication campaigns and analysing trends. Our experience has put us at forefront at creating new urban mobility systems.

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